Out of my comfort zone!

Portrait painting is not something I am comfortable with. To do one is like exploring an unfamiliar place, or stepping into a stranger’s house, or joining a conversation which I know nothing about.  But looking back to where I started as a child, it is drawing people’s faces and expressions that fascinated me.  I used to copy comic illustrations of my favorite illustrators back then. So, maybe it was just like finding anew the rhythm. And so, I did!

I had always thought of doing a portrait of my husband and me. It had to be special and unique for the two of us. One that is different from ordinary portraits where others will not necessarily see us in the painting. Only we shall think about it while those who look at it will have to ask, “Why like this and like that?

So when I finally found time, I did our much desired and awaited portrait – thanks to these days rainfall! It took me days to finish it but it went quite smoothly, no struggles at all. The style is simple with limited color palette and  quasi-monochromatic. Important is that I am quite happy about the result. My husband too!

The reference photo was taken years back while my husband and I were taking a short rest in our terrace one summer day. My husband was making funny faces and I, making a serious one.  The portrait is done with acrylic paints on 50x50x3cm stretched canvas.

Now that it hangs on our wall, we feel that it needs a partner or partners beside, maybe in the same style and color shades. How funny because now we are talking about a series of portraits!  I can’t wait to start the 2nd portrait.


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