A little about me

Hi! My name is Owie. I am the artist behind Owie’s ART.

My interest in arts was influenced by my father who was a skilled artist, and was quite good in drawing and painting. That I could draw a little was not strange to my friends back in my elementary school years. Time passed and my interest in arts only showed when situation called for it. When I started to work, nobody even knew about it. But through the years, I developed a hidden desire to be able to create at least one wall art – only ONE painting was my dream goal. Then came my husband – he handed me his father’s painting materials which he kept neatly for decades – oil paints, watercolor, used canvases, paint brushes, some may be older than I am. I started to paint! That “at least ONE painting” was followed by another, and many more. Because of this, I feel so much blessed for the opportunity to realize a simple dream.

Having no formal education in arts, I rely on my instinct and feelings. To improve my painting skills, I try to look at the famous fine artists’ masterworks. To be better, I read and watch some painting videos shared generously by the many contemporary fine artists on the internet. Watching artists paint, learning from their tips and advises, I was able to sort out what works for me, and feel where I adhere most in style, what I love more to paint.

Here is wishing that you who see my artworks will enjoy them, as much as I enjoy creating them.

All the best,

Owie Delfter

My Paintings ...

My paintings are nature inspired. I love to paint landscapes – mountains, trees, waterfalls. I am a bit experimental in painting, which is why my style varies a little. But one thing I desire and wish is that those who see my painting will experience peace and serenity, hope and love, awe and wonder. I work constantly to reaching that point. I may still be way to go, but I guess I am on the right path.

My "Studio" ...

I am almost always in my home “studio” – “studio” is enclosed in quotation marks since I don’t have a definite place when painting. My favorite is our kitchen. It is here where I get inspired by simply looking outside where miracles of nature take place every single moment.