External Links

The following links are the shops which I and my husband are happily curating. You are welcome to click and visit these shops, and see if there are things that can be of interest to you.

OwiesARTCreations – my ETSY shop where I sell original and prints of my watercolor and acrylic paintings. – all landscape and other nature inspired paintings in small and medium sizes up to A3 size.
My original hand painted cards are also listed in the shop, as well as card prints of my original minimalist watercolor paintings.

DigiARTCreations – my ETSY shop where you can purchase downloadable prints of some of my paintings and arts.

Danish Coins – Should you be interested in vintage coins, you can visit this shop at ETSY. This shop is primarily my husband’s (Ole) where he sells his coin collections, mostly danish coins, and some international coins.

DKCoinItems – my husband and I, together, enjoy having this store at ETSY where we offer Danish vintage coin converted to be used as items and accessories.

DKVintageItems – Should you be interested in vintage items/comics, you can visit this store, also at ETSY. This shop also belongs to my husband (Ole). He collected from childhood a lot of comics and cartoon pocketbooks, and now has decided to slowly detach himself from them. He is also considering to sell his postal stamps collections, and other vintage items he has kept and no longer use.

Redbubble Shop – OwieND – my designs on a product you want – including some of my alcohol ink arts and some minimalist graphic designs.

DK Coin Items

DK Coin Items – Genuine Danish vintage & antique coins and tokens collections from my husband’s childhood. They are coins which have been placed aside and almost forgotten. And now, we have thought of creating something better out of them. We sell some of them as they are, and some of them are made as simple and beautiful souvenirs or accessories such as coin pendants for necklaces, key chains or coin bag- or purse charms. It is a fun time doing these things together. We create things and we enjoy while we create them.

DK coin items can be purchased at our ETSY – DKCoinItems shop or at our ONLINE SHOP DKCoinItems.com.